An introduction

My name is Victoria.  I am a member of the Pagan organization Ar nDraiocht Fein:  A Druid Fellowship (ADF).  ADF is an organization dedicated to creating a public tradition of Druidry.  Anyone may attend the rites of a nearby Grove, regardless of religious affiliation (or perhaps lack thereof).  Anyone may also become a member of ADF, regardless of personal belief.  What unites us is our Core Order of Ritual, which makes certain assumptions about the nature of the Cosmos and the Beings which bless us (which we call the Three Kindreds:  Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities).  To find out more  about ADF, please visit their website (

I began this blog as a way to reflect on my own personal Druidry and on ADF in general.  Future topics might include:  the Three Kindreds, what membership of ADF means to me, and anything else that I think would make for a meaningful post.  If there is something you think would make a good post, please leave a comment and I will consider it.

Please note that I am not trying to “convert” anyone to ADF or Paganism; I am simply sharing my thoughts to help me better process how I feel about certain things and to gain feedback from others (Pagan or not).  We are all free to have our own opinions.  If you disagree with my beliefs, that is okay!

Many blessings,


2 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. Hi Victoria! I’m one of the people who chimed in on the ADF-dedicants list that I have a blog here too. I’m so excited, because that email list is letting me find others who are blogging on the same topics. Good luck with your writing!

    • Thank you, both for your comment and for the wishes! 🙂 I appreciate it very much.


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