Heavy metal Druidry

While I sit on the bed and listen to Five Finger Death Punch, a question occurred to me.  How many people out there think that Druids are peaceful, vegan, New Age types?  My answer:  It doesn’t matter how many, just that their misconceptions are corrected.

Looking at the first sentence, you can see that I am a bit of a metalhead.  I also like techno, video game soundtracks (Skyrim FTW), some classical, and a smidge of pop.  I don’t listen only to the lyre, drum, and flute.

Peaceful…Now that’s a tricky one.  I listen to fairly violent music, play violent video games, etc.  I don’t act on any of it though.  So I guess I’m not really.  I’m too scared of what would happen if I was.

Yes, I’m a Druid.  No, I’m not vegan.  I love meat!  If the Earth Mother gave us meat, why not eat it?  It would be a disrespect to Her to not use what She has provided.  Overuse is a different story.  As long as we respect the Nature Spirits and the Earth Mother as we eat and acknowledge that They sacrificed so we could live, then there is no problem.

Druids (especially those of the ADF persuasion) aren’t New Age.  We don’t (well, generally) believe in some nebulous Great Spirit or Universal Love/Light/Truth/what have you.  Many of us believe in individual Deities, each with their own personalities and preferences.  ADF especially encourages religion backed up by sound scholarship on ancient peoples and their religion.  Yes, some of us practice magic.  No, we don’t all use things like reiki, crystal healing, or color therapy.

Some people may think Druids are quite literally obsessed with Nature to the exclusion of human beings.  Now, for some Druids, this is not stretching the truth.  However, those of us who can’t live in the middle of the woods for the rest of our lives simply try to walk lighter on the Earth, not exceeding our means.  An “all-natural” lifestyle is really the purview of the elite.  Organic foods, sustainable clothing, etc. are more expensive than regular food.  I can’t afford any of that, and I don’t want other humans to only buy organic either because then they will be broke.  Donate, or better yet, volunteer at a homeless shelter to understand that poor people don’t have access to the green technology most of us are used to.

So, as you can now see, Druids might not be anything like what you imagined.  That’s okay.  I hope I have at least changed someone’s view of Druidry.  The most important thing to remember is that we are also people, with jobs, families, suburban houses (or apartments), cars, and struggles.

Blessings, Victoria


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