A beautiful foggy morning

When I came downstairs and opened the curtains in the family room, I was delighted to find fog sweeping over the Land.  To me, fog is magical and brings us closer to the Otherworld, that world that exists beyond our sight where the Kindreds reside.  Some might say this is a physical representation of “the thinning veil.”  The veil is a barrier between this world and the Otherworld.  It “thins,” or becomes easier to permeate, around Samhain, which most non-Pagans know as Halloween.  This veil begins to thin before Samhain and lingers after, but Samhain is said to be the time when it is thinnest.

I personally disagree with the “thinning veil” theory.  I find that the Kindreds are always easy to contact, especially if you know the proper methods.  One method that works really well for me (though I don’t claim its usefulness for anyone else) is ADF’s style of ritual, known as the Core Order of Ritual (COoR).  It consists of creating (to me, acknowledging) sacred space, opening Gates to the Otherworld, and making offerings to the Kindreds.  The Gates effectively make each ritual a Samhain and make communication with the Kindreds easier.

Fog, to me, is a sort of natural Gate through which I can contact the Kindreds.  By virtue of its mist, it represents the mystery that lies in wait for us to contact it, the Otherworld.



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