A family visit, part one

Today I’m going with my fiance for a meal with his family.

This meal isn’t just any meal.

This meal will be the first time I have seen his biological grandfather since he had a stroke,paralyzing his right arm and leg and impeding his speech.

My fiance and I (as well as others) have prayed to the Kindreds for his health and recovery in the past.  The fact that I am able to share a meal with him shows me those prayers have begun to be heard.  Also I have heard that he has been steadily getting better, further reinforcing a belief in the Kindreds and their ability to heal.

I will provide an update in the form of another blog post once I return home.  I have a feeling that the Kindreds will speak to me through my fiance’s grandfather.  Perhaps not literally speaking, but providing guidance and reassurance through his manner.

May the Kindreds keep you in good health,


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