A conversation with Land Spirits, part two

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this!  I’ve been busy in the past week.  However, on November 16, I did perform my ritual in honor of the Land Spirits.

I offered Them bread torn into pieces.  I used a couple slices for the ritual.  During the “Inviting the Three Kindreds” phase, I offered a small amount of the bread pieces to the Nature Spirits.  For the Key Offering, during which I honored the local Land Spirits, I offered the majority of the bread.  The Final Offering consisted of the rest of the bread.

When it came time to take the Omen, where I ask each of the Kindreds, “What blessings do you have for me?” and draw a rune in response, I drew Othila for the Nature Spirits.  Diana Paxson, in her book Taking Up the Runes, says that Othala “refer[s] to…establishing a relationship to the land,” which was the whole point of this particular ritual.  I think the Nature Spirits realized what my purpose was, and this rune shows that if I continue to work to build a relationship with Them, I will be successful.

Later in the ritual, I performed a divination to see how I could build my relationship with the Land Spirits.  What follows are the questions I asked and explanations of the responses.

In what ways can I connect with You on a deeper level?

The response for this was Thurisaz, which refers to thorns.  I wasn’t sure what this meant, so I asked for clarification.  In response to my request, I drew Fehu.  Fehu is wealth, which could mean money or fertile fields.  My fiance, who watched the ritual, suggested that perhaps Fehu meant working the land to grow things.

What do you specifically want me to do next to serve You better?

The first rune I drew for this was Sowilo, sun.  I realize the sun activates photosynthesis in plants, which converts the sun’s energy to chemical energy the plant can use.  I was unclear on how Sowilo would translate into specific action, so I requested clarification.  The next rune I drew was Laguz, water.  This rune clearly meant that I just need to offer water to the trees, plants, and grass in the yard.

What sorts of offerings do You prefer?

The rune I drew in response to this question was Gebo, gift.  I took that to mean that they are happy with anything I offer, which is generally bread during ritual.

What do you advise me to do to connect with the Land itself, given my current situation?

Again I drew Laguz, providing further confirmation that I should simply offer some water to the Land to please the Spirits who live there.

What specifically would You like me to do next to develop a connection to the Land?

The first rune I drew was Elhaz, which means elk.  It is also interpreted as Alhaz, swan.  This was very confusing to me so I asked for clarification (yet again).  The next rune I drew was Uruz, “wild ox.”  This usually means wild energy being ordered through manifestation.  I again asked for clarity and drew Mannaz, man.  I was (and still am) confused, so I simply ended the divination instead of continuing to ask questions.

All in all, the ritual was a success.  I learned how the Land Spirits where I live want me to connect with them, though I haven’t yet put their advice in practice.



3 thoughts on “A conversation with Land Spirits, part two

  1. I think if I drew Wild Ox, Elk/Swan and Man, I’d take that as an instruction to be more aware of my relationship with the wildlife in nature. You got good direction about caring for plants and trees with offerings of water. Perhaps your next step is to look into ways to be more aware of wild beasts and animals/birds. Maybe a bird feeder in your future? Or some time spent/donations at a wildlife rehab center?

    • I’m planning on moving out in a couple months (to an apartment which may or may not have a balcony) with my fiance, so it would be odd to ask my parents for a bird feeder now, then not be able to take it with me. Also, with finishing up the semester, don’t have the time to volunteer (I had to quit my volunteer work at a local children’s hospital). Perhaps I’ll find some other way to be more aware of local animals.

      Blessings and thanks,

      • Obviously you have to find a way that fits into your life! I just saw a connection there and thought it might make sense to you too 🙂 I think you did a good job with quite a lot of divination in this ritual!

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