Fire, Well, and Tree collage coming soon!

I’ve been busy finishing up the last bit of the semester!  Also my fiance’s grandfather had to go to the hospital, so I’ve been stopping by to visit him.

At the suggestion of the Swamp Druid, I have been working on a collage of different forms the Hallows (the Fire, Well, and Tree in ADF tradition) take in nature.  I hope that by studying this collage, I can gain an awareness of the Hallows as they manifest in life.  I also hope this will help me gather ideas for a “Mental Grove” that I can visit in trance.

Once it is done I will take a picture of it and post it here for all of you to enjoy!

Many blessings, Victoria


2 thoughts on “Fire, Well, and Tree collage coming soon!

    • Thank you! His grandfather should be home in a couple days. He got a pacemaker implanted, and he’s doing much better than he was when he was brought in. He should be home in time for the holidays, and best of all it looks like he’ll be around for the wedding next year.

      Many blessings!

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