My observance for Yule

The reason I say “observance” instead of “ritual” will become clear momentarily.

My fiance came over to the house a little later than planned, but that didn’t really affect anything.  He brought in my huge gift and his desktop computer to show me some things on games.  After setting up the computer and showing me some things, we began making cookies.

During the cookie making, my mother called.  She informed us she would be leaving work early.  We had no idea how early until she called later and said she was out doing Christmas shopping.

My fiance and I had no idea when she would be home, so we did something simple to observe the High Day.

I filled a glass with milk, wrapped up in a blanket, and stood on the concrete “stoop” outside the back door.  With Craig watching, I first honored Mani for brightly illuminating the Longest Night.  I poured out some milk onto the snow as an offering.  I then said a few words for Odin, to honor Him as the Father of Yule.  I poured out more milk as an offering.  Finally I spoke to Frigga, for keeping the hearths warm so we can make it through the Longest Night.  I also asked Her to keep the hearths of loved ones bright.  I poured out the last of the milk and went inside.

After my observance, I felt better for having done something, even if it wasn’t a full ADF ritual like I wanted.

My mother didn’t get home until much later, meaning that my fiance and I would have had time to perform the full ritual.  I was a little angry, but realized that at the time we had no idea.  My fiance and I exchanged gifts before she got home, so we were able to have the private moment I wanted.

All in all, Yule went very well, and I am glad I got to do something, even if it wasn’t what I originally planned.  I hope your ritual or observance for Yule/Winter Solstice went well!

Blessings, Victoria


2 thoughts on “My observance for Yule

  1. Because I often perform full rituals with a group, I often do simple observances like yours at home. I poured whiskey for the sun after it rose on the Solstice. Hubby and I also gave an offering of cookies to the ancestors simply because it felt right to do so. Sometimes all you need are simple but meaningful acts without the liturgy. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder, Grey. You are right. Besides, I had my four ADF-style High Day rites out of the way a long time ago. This was my last High Day needed for the DP!

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