Where is the “something more?”

Today I was thinking about how I could deepen my personal practice.  This is something that I’ve been feeling a need for lately, but have had no idea how to do.

What I mean is that, since joining ADF and working on the Dedicant’s Path, I have seen many practical benefits of my rituals and prayers, but I haven’t really been able to “feel” a sense of fulfillment, spirituality, connectedness, or anything similar.  This lack of feeling puzzles me because I absolutely love ADF and the work I am performing within it.

I looked into joining an offshoot of the Temple of the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.; known for its founder Aleister Crowley), the Argentium Astrum (A.’. A.’.;an offshoot of O.T.O.), and other esoteric and magical orders.  I’ve looked into tarot as a means for spiritual transformation.  I even briefly considered a CD-ROM course in alchemical symbolism.

Suddenly it occurred to me to write about my difficulties here.  Perhaps one of you reading has some advice.  Feel free to comment below!

Many blessings, Victoria


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