Advice from the Kindreds

After thinking about my post from yesterday, it hit me later that evening to perform a runic divination to ask the Kindreds if there is anything I can do to know Them better.  I pulled out my bag of homemade runes and asked some questions.

Ancestors, what can I do to know You better?  I pulled Hagalaz.  Hagalaz literally means hail.  It often indicates a challenge that will end in harmony.  This relates directly to my feelings of not being connected.

Nature Spirits, what can I do to know You better?  I pulled Wunjo.  The literal meaning of Wunjo is joy.  Either this rune is saying that I will see joy in the future or possibly that I need to simply show more joy when relating to the Kindreds.

Shining Ones, what can I do to know You better?  I originally intended to only pull one rune from my bag, but I happened to pull two.  The first was Isa.  Isa can represent a challenge or frustration.  It can also reinforce the runes around it, which leads me to discussion of Eihwaz, the second rune I pulled.  Eihwaz shows dependability and trustworthiness.  I read these two runes together as, “You need to trust us [the Kindreds] to get the connection you are looking for.”

As you can see, the runes didn’t really relate to my questions but instead reflected my heart.  The Kindreds were saying they recognized my frustration, but not to worry about it because it will pass.  I need to joyfully perform rituals and say prayers.  I also simply need to trust the Kindreds that they will give me what I am looking for.

My fiance is spending the night tonight, since it is New Year’s Eve.  We are going to try to perform a ritual when everyone is asleep, since I had forgotten to perform ritual Friday.

Many blessings for the New Year, Victoria

Before I forget, here is the link to “Rune Meanings” from the website Runes:  Alphabet of Mystery.  This is the website I used as a guide to formulating the interpretations above.


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