A new (for me) way to worship

I have been trying to find a way to incorporate a daily devotional practice into my Druidry.  It occurred to me that I can use prayer beads shortly after waking to honor the Kindreds.  I already have a set of Muslim prayer beads given to me by an owner of a gift shop while I was in Jordan this past summer.


I know the picture isn’t the best, but it works.  Each set of eleven oval beads is separated by one skinny rectangular bead, except at the bottom.  At the bottom there is just one large bead and then a tassel.  The original Muslim use of these beads involves chanting the 99 names of god.  Each rectangular bead lets the user know when they have completed one set of 11.  Since there are 99 names, the whole strand is to be completed three times.

I asked around for ideas on using the beads.  I decided that I will use each section of eleven beads to represent one of the Kindreds.  One set will be for the Nature Spirits, one set will be for the Ancestors, and the last set will be for the Gods and Goddesses.  On the Nature Spirits’ section, for example, I will say eleven short prayers, each for a different Spirit or aspect of the local Land.  The rectangular beads will be points of transition, where I will somehow transition from one Kindred to another.  I don’t quite have that part worked out yet.  The large bead will probably be some sort of grounding meditation (ADF uses the Two Powers, the Earth Power and the Sky Power), though it might also be for purification.

Once I have worked with the beads for a few days, I will write about my experiences

Blessings, Victoria


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