I got up early to do morning devotional.  The devotional I use is Teo’s Solitary Druid Fellowship (SDF) devotional.  In the break between the two parts, I performed my version of the Two Powers meditation.

Before performing the devotional ritual, I had filled a mug with steaming water from the sink and gotten out my bowl filled with soil. I placed the mug on my nightstand, and placed the bowl of soil on the floor.  When I got to the break in the prayer, I held my left hand over mug and placed right hand in soil.  I could feel a current of some sort running through both my arms, which I know was the Powers.  This current is hard to describe, but I hope that as I feel the Powers more, I can find ways to describe Them.

I believe the positioning of the soil and steaming water helped with experiencing both Powers.  The steam was positioned higher and the soil was positioned lower, similar to Sky and Earth.  This is what I was thinking when I arranged these two items.

I will work on letting the Powers flow through entire body and from one side to the other.  I imagine this will come with practice of the exercise.

I am gaining all sorts of confidence from being able to experience these things on the first time!  Before, I didn’t think I was much of a Pagan since I couldn’t feel these things very well.  Now I am realizing that I just have to find ways of doing things that work for me.

Question for my Omen:  “Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?”

3 runes in response.

Laguz–water, hidden & overflowing wealth, rune of change, shows much promise

Berkano–female strength, making something from nothing, being resourceful w/n self, being fertile & creative, inner strength that manifests in physical world in unexpected ways

Dagaz–hope & happiness in future, looking forward, same promises to all, rune has sense of divine intervention, day

Above interpretations are from Michael Dangler’s The Very Basics of Runes:  The Elder Futhark.

Laguz is referring to the promise I am showing by doing daily devotionals in the morning.  Berkano is saying that I am being creative (perhaps with my physical Two Powers exercise) and I will be inwardly strong.  Dagaz might simply be acknowledging that I got up early to greet the day, but may also be saying that I will continue to be happy if I greet the day in this way. (this paragraph contains my own interpretations as they apply to me).

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