Autistic Druidry: An introduction

As many of my fellow ADF members know, I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism.  As with other forms of autism, I was simply born with it.  I was only diagnosed a few years ago.  Having Asperger’s basically means that I have immense trouble socially, at least face-to-face.  I am very outgoing in written forms of communication, such as my blog posts and email.  (The Mayo Clinic has more information about Asperger’s here.)

I have realized that I share quirks with lower-functioning autistic people, such as a need to physically experience things and sensitivity to loud noises and strong scents.  Because of these traits, I have realized that I must think “out of the box” to actually experience certain aspects of Druidry.

“Autistic Druidry” will be a series of posts done once a week about my creative solutions to problems I encounter trying to walk the Path of the Druid.  I am doing these posts in the hope that I can help someone else with their personal Path (and also because my fiance suggested it would be a good idea :P).  I will try to post every Wednesday, as this day is the day of Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom and Vision.  My first “real” installment of “Autistic Druidry” will be posted shortly.

Blessings, Victoria


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