The Two Powers exercise went well.  I allowed energy to spread through my body, so I spent longer period of time with this exercise.  I watched the sun rise as I felt the energy.  When I was done, took hands off the mug and out of the bowl and shook them to cut off flow of energy. I’m glad I am getting better at this! I may need to spend time with each Power getting to know the individual energy.

For my omen-taking, I asked if I should honor Freya as a Patron.

Jera–year (the year ahead); harvest, hard work, generosity from the Kindreds

Kenaz–torch, ulcer; cheer, pain, death

Ansuz–a beginning point of a journey, god, communication

Looking at these runes I’ve drawn, it’s pretty clear to me that I should honor Freya as a Patron for now (a year, perhaps, because of Jera).  Jera is a rune of harvest; Freya is Goddess of the harvest.  Kenaz can be torch or ulcer, bringing cheer or pain (or death); Freya is Goddess of love, but also of war and death.  Finally Ansuz is a rune of wisdom and of communication from the Divine.  It’s also a rune of new beginnings.  So, honoring Freya as my Patron for now is wise (and I will probably receive wisdom from Her).  Honoring Freya as my Patron is also a new beginning for me, and a new beginning for Her to be my Patron.

I will offer to Her when I make coffee.  She deserves something.  It means a lot to me to have found a Patron, if only for a little while.

Some great things are happening on the spiritual level!


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