My morning devotional went well today.  I am starting to feel the Two Powers flowing through my torso and beginning to mingle.

I said a simple prayer to Freya and sprinkled rose petals over the Fire as an offering to Her.  Some did catch fire.  I held one petal directly above the flame and dropped it in.  Apparently my fingers were so close I almost burned myself!  I think this is reflected in the Omens.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Hagalaz–destruction, death, early winter, usually negative

Isa–deceit that lies just beneath the good-looking surface, consider choices before making them

Eihwaz–rune of battle, Ancestors, helping and hurting at the same time, go back to our roots to find answers

The first two runes are perhaps referring to almost burning myself when making an offering.  I should not do that again.  Eihwaz maybe is suggesting I learn more about my ancestry, or maybe it’s referring to my plan to get another High Day explanation essay done today.  That requires research into my Norse heritage so I can write about how my Ancestors would have celebrated it.


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