Again the sky seemed dark, and I got up late.  Today though it was cloudy. (Yesterday it was somewhat dark, but not cloudy.)  When I performed the Two Powers exercise, I felt the Powers go up my arms as usual, but I could also feel Them running along my spine.  I feel as if I am making progress.  I still don’t feel like I could possibly discern the differences enough to write an essay about them though.  I need to try working with the Powers individually.

Today I offered Freya a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I think She liked it, judging by the Omen.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Algiz–protection of inaccessibility and terrible retribution, close self off for a time and lash out only when necessary

Wunjo–be on the lookout for underlying issues, but things will be a success in general

Mannaz–mortality, things beyond my control, hopeless to struggle against them

In my short prayer before making my offering, I asked Freya to surround me with Her feathered cloak for protection (as well as guiding me).  Algiz tells me that She will protect me with major consequences for those that might harm me.  Apparently Freya liked my offering today.  I think Wunjo is saying that today will be a good day; I am going to see The Hobbit with my fiance today.  Mannaz warns me that I cannot control everything that happens to me today.

Also, I contacted each Hallow when I mentioned it in my prayer.  When I mentioned the Fire, I waved my hand over the candle’s flame so I could feel it’s warmth.  When I spoke of the Well, I dipped my fingers in Its waters.  I touched the pinecone I use for my Tree as I mentioned it.  Not sure why I did this, it was sort of an intuitive thing.  Maybe I am hoping that I will establish a better connection with each Hallow by interacting with it in such a way.


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