Morning devotional went well today.  I noticed snowflakes falling outside among the budding branches of the Bradford pear.  I also grabbed a small white sage smudge stick and lit it from the candle’s flame to smudge my room and the Shrine before working.  I had forgotten how much I love the scent of white sage!

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I can really feel the Powers running up my arms.  In fact, the Powers are so strong, I could slightly feel them just simply recalling their sensation as I fell asleep!  I think that maybe I won’t need the physical soil and steam after a while to connect to the Two Powers.

I said a small prayer for Freya, my Lady, and offered Her some myrrh essential oil that I happened to have on hand (yes, a weird thing for me to have on hand!).  I know myrrh isn’t exactly a flower or anything, but I thought She would like it because of its sweet scent.  Later today I might make some rose water to offer Her.

What blessings do the Kindreds have for me today? (Used my newly completed runes to take this Omen.)

Thurisaz–brute strength, use an opponent’s force against them, “look before you sit”

Othila–wealth passed down for generations, completion of a task, being enclosed within self, inheritance

Mannaz–humans in general, mortality, things beyond our control and hopeless to struggle against

The Omens today seem mostly negative.  Thurisaz is usually negative, and Mannaz has a somewhat negative meaning.  Perhaps Thurisaz is just saying I need to be cautious pouring essential oil over the candle flame, as I could burn myself and/or start a fire.  Othila referring to “inheritance” is unlikely, as no one has died or anything.  Most likely, Othila is referring to my inability to drive, which means I will be stuck in the house all day (as usual).  Finally, I’m not sure what to say about Mannaz.  It is a rune I have been drawing a lot lately.  I hope someone isn’t going to die soon!

When I mentioned the Fire in the second half of the prayer, I waved my hand through the heat of the candle flame.  When I mentioned the Well, I dipped my fingers into the cool water in the cauldron.  When I mentioned the Tree, I touched the pinecone on top of the pillar candle stand that I am using for my Tree.  I think this is my way of trying to connect to the Hallows better.

All in all, a wonderful morning devotional!


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