A – Ancestors (continued)


I realize that my post from yesterday could contain more information about my personal relationship to the Ancestors.

I used to do weekly devotional rites in which I honored each Kindred (Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities), but as the year went on, I found less and less time to do them because I was finishing up my last semester of college.  When I did do the rites, though, I made offerings to the Ancestors–usually coffee.  I thanked them for existing and being part of my life.

For Samhain, I honestly don’t remember what I offered Them (I didn’t write the offerings down).  However, I felt like the ritual honored Them in an appropriate way.  The Ancestors also felt this way, for when I asked Them what blessings They offer me, I drew Ingwaz, a rune of fertility and of the Ancestors themselves.  Upon further reflection, perhaps They were telling me that I was blessed with Their presence.

I have not worked more in-depth with my Ancestors, unfortunately, because of my living situation.  However, I find myself thinking of them often, especially with my wedding coming up in September.  I think about how I wish certain Ancestors could be there, and then I realize that They will be there, but just not physically.  I do wish I could visit my grandfather’s grave (alone) more often, as I would like to make offerings directly to his gravesite and sit in contemplation of the Ancestors in general.


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