My home shrine


My Shrine is mostly on top of my nightstand in my bedroom, which is in front of my window.  The window, and consequently the Shrine, faces east, the direction of Sunna’s rising every morning.  This makes my Shrine perfect for my morning devotionals.  Nearest the window is a tall pillar candle holder given to me by my grandmother one Christmas upon which rests a pinecone.  This serves as my Tree.  In front and to the left of that is a red chime candle in a red heart-shaped candle holder.  When lit, this is my Fire.  To the right of the candle is a small cauldron that serves as my Well.  I don’t fill it until just before ritual.  To the left of the candle is an incense burner upon which I have placed an unlit white sage smudge stick.  I light this just before ritual and use it to smudge the room, the Shrine, and myself.  The mug on the Shrine holds steaming water that I use to represent the Sky Power for my version of the Two Powers exercise.  The bowl of organic potting soil on the floor represents the Earth Power.  Their positioning on my Shrine reflects their real positions in the Cosmos.  The red bag on the floor near the bowl of soil holds my runes.  To the left of that is my Kindle, from which I read prayers during rituals.  My Shrine is just high enough that I can sit in front of it and reach everything on top.

For High Days, my fiancé comes over to celebrate with me.  As a result, the Shrine must be moved downstairs to a larger room.  The setup also changes somewhat.  Our Tree becomes a cactus my dad brought back for me from Phoenix, Arizona, a few years ago.  Our Fire becomes a larger cauldron filled with red incense burner sand, three candles stuck down in the sand in a triangle, and a lit charcoal disc in the middle of the triangle.  This way we can make offerings directly to the Fire.  The Well stays the same.

Upon moving out of my parents’ house, I would like to move my Shrine to a larger room permanently.  It will have offering bowls that are used for no other purpose, a larger cauldron for the Well, and a larger version of the Fire.  It will also perhaps have a potted tree for the Tree.  Someday I would like to have an outdoor Shrine, but with Indiana’s climate, I would have to maintain an indoor Shrine for the winter.

This is my essay for the Home Shrine requirement of ADF’s basic training, the Dedicant’s Path, which states:  “A brief description, with photos if possible, of the Dedicant’s home shrine and plans for future improvements. (150 words min.)”  If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, please share them!


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