This morning I lit a “Witches’ Sight” candle I found on Etsy, a website that features handmade items from many different sellers, instead of smudging with sage.  As I let the scent of the candle permeate the room, I got my Shrine ready for my devotional ritual.

I performed my Two Powers exercise, but I had my right hand over the steaming water and my left hand in the soil.  I had a harder time sensing the Earth Power with my left hand, which is interesting.

I said a few words to Freya and burned the end of a cinnamon stick in the Fire.  I thought She would like it because cinnamon is a sweet scent.  The scent of cinnamon filled the room.

I took a few moments to watch the sun rise, then continued with the second half of the devotional, making (safe) contact with the Fire, Well, and Tree as I spoke of them.

Before blowing out the Fire, I took a few moments more to observe the tree outside the window.  It still has buds on it from the unusually warm weather over the weekend, but the temperature lately has been below 32 degrees.  I imagine the buds have frozen by now.  There was also a bird in the tree, but I couldn’t really tell what kind it was.  It flew off after a short rest.

I blew my candle out and cleaned up my Shrine space.  I decided to go downstairs, put on a sweater, scarf, and gloves, and grab a partial bottle of water that I had started yesterday.  I went out to the backyard and stood on the concrete “stoop” just outside the door.  Pouring a bit of water on the ground, I said “Hail to the Ancestors!”  I poured a bit more water on the ground and said, “Hail to the Nature Spirits!”  I poured one last time and said, “Hail to the Shining Ones!”  I then took a sip to show that I had shared some of my personal water, lifted the bottle to the sky in a toast, and went back inside.

I feel that by making regular offerings to each Kindred, I can improve my relationships with Them.  This is a very good thing.


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