I burned the “Witches’ Sight” candle again today for atmosphere.  Special thanks to my fiance for getting me up early!

I’m realizing that I need to memorize my devotional prayer.  Then I can focus less on the words and more on the feelings the words produce.

The Two Powers exercise went better than yesterday.  Today, as yesterday, I felt the Earth Power with my left hand and the Sky Power with my right.  The Powers began to flow down my spine and through the rest of my body.  I could slightly feel the Powers exiting my head–I guess that would be my crown chakra.  I don’t usually work with the system of chakras, since I don’t connect very well to it.

I offered Freya cinnamon again by burning the end of a stick in the Fire.  When I smelled the smoke of the spice, I smiled with the knowledge that the smoke is going up to Freya in the Upperworld.

Later today, I plan to visit the local mall with my fiance.  The mall has an indoor fountain.  We will do as the ancient Celts did and toss coins into the fountain/well with prayers to the Kindreds (obviously without making a big show of it).  The coins will be an offering.  We are unable to do a full ritual today, so that will suffice instead.

I’m proud of myself for actually managing to get up early to perform morning devotional rituals this long!


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