B – Bibliomancy (continued)


These are the questions and results from my experiment with bibliomancy, about which I wrote this post.

Asked 8/22 before morning devotional:  Will I have a job by February?

Book:  Bible

Lamentations 3:43  “You have covered us in anger, pursued us, and slain without pity[.]” (Revised English Bible)

I’m taking this as a no.  The energy of the Bible had the strongest “pull.”  I rolled dice to determine the book of the Bible.  I came up with a total of 25, so I picked the 25th book, Lamentations.  Rolled one more die to determine chapter, and I came up with 3.  Then I moved my finger across the pages randomly and I pointed at verse 43.

Asked during 1/22 morning devotional:  Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Book:  Bhagavad Gita

6.41  “When one has reached the worlds of virtuous action, and has dwelt for endless years[,] one who is lost to yoga is then born again in the home of the pure and illustrious.” (trans. Laurie L. Paton)

With this divination, I simply held my thumb on the edges of the pages and flipped through, stopping at a random point.  Then I held the book open (it’s paperback) as I ran my finger down the pages and stopped.  I believe the Kindreds are telling me I need to incorporate the Nine Virtues of ADF–Wisdom, Courage, Integrity, Vision, Moderation, Fertility, Hospitality, Piety, Perseverance–more thoroughly into my life.  I feel as if I am doing well with all of the Virtues except for Wisdom and Perseverance.  There may be something to bibliomancy!

Asked during 1/23 morning devotional:  Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Book:  Bhagavad Gita

2.8  “I don’t ever see what would take away my grief–that grief which dries up the senses, even though I might gain opulent and unrivaled kingship here on earth, or even lordship of the gods.” (trans. Laurie L. Paton)

The senses I feel relate to my spirituality and my ability to sense energy.  The “grief” which is getting in the way of that is either my medication or impatience.  I’m inclined to go with “impatience” here.  So, to rewrite the verse to make better sense, we have:  “I have no idea how I could be less impatient–impatience which hinders my spiritual senses, even though I can get instant gratification other times.”  This is a true statement for me, pretty much.  I believe that the Kindreds are trying to tell me they understand my issues, but I need to learn patience.

Asked during 1/24 morning devotional:  Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Book:  Bhagavad Gita

6.5  “One should lift up the self through the self, and one should not make the self sink; only the self is friend to the self, and only the self is enemy to the self.”

The Kindreds are reminding me that I am my own best friend, but I am also my own worst enemy.  My pursuit in search of spiritual experience seems to be the common thread running through this and the other Omens from morning devotionals.  The more I try to find spiritual experiences before I am ready, the more they will elude me.  I am not helping myself by looking up all kinds of information on meditation and trance.  I am indeed my own worst enemy.


One thought on “B – Bibliomancy (continued)

  1. […] Over the next few days, instead of runes, I will use some form of bibliomancy during my morning devotional rites to discern the blessings for the day.  My second “B” post, which will be published this Friday, will contain the results of these divinations.  I may also ask other questions about my living situation and other such topics to see what results.  These results will also be in Friday’s post. […]

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