I was looking at the Bradford pear outside my window when I realized a light rain was falling.  I thought of Frey and smiled.  (Frey is a God of fertility in the form of rain, while Thor is God of fertility in the form of storms.)

Just before the devotional rite, I noticed I was a bit jittery and excited.  I tried to take some deep breaths to calm down, but that didn’t really work.  When I started doing weekly devotionals last year, I noticed after a while that I would get anxious and excited before the rite instead of being calm.  I think I am anticipating the ritual, but I would rather be calm.  Any ideas for overcoming this are welcome!

Since I didn’t have my Kindle, I had to read the prayer from my computer, which was situated behind me.  I had to turn around every couple lines to look at it.  That disrupted the flow of the ritual some.

I noticed when I performed the Two Powers exercise, the energy seemed to stop at the base of my spine, instead of also going through my legs.  Perhaps the flow of energy was blocked by the folding of my legs underneath me.  I could try to sit crosslegged, but I’m not sure that would work any better.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Ansuz–wisdom, new beginnings

Sowilo–sun, warmth and joy in the days to come, cycles

Pertho–chance, uncertainty

There is an unknown element today, indicated by Pertho.  Ansuz could be referring to my plan to get my explanatory essay for Yule done today–that is a wise thing to do.  I’m not sure how “new beginnings” relates, but I do have a job interview tomorrow.  Perhaps I will get the job.  Sowilo tells me that I will be happy in the coming days.  The next High Day (Imbolc/Charming of the Plough) is this week, and rituals for the High Days make me very happy.  A job would also make me happy.  Today, though, I’m not so sure of my interpretation, as it seems more of what I would like to happen than what will actually happen.


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