When I rose from bed this morning, gray clouds hung in the sky.  Everything was damp from the overnight storms.

I performed my morning devotional a bit differently today.  Instead of kneeling on the floor, I sat in a chair.  It was nice to be able to see out the window better.

For the Two Powers exercise, I set the bowl of soil on the floor, as usual, and placed my mug of steaming water on top of the Shrine.  I tried a recent suggestion from another ADF member and stuck one foot in the soil to better represent the Earth Power, while I put both hands over the mug.  It felt very awkward for me.  Perhaps it had something to do with trying to draw up energy through my feet, which was something I wasn’t used to.

I took my foot out of the dirt and picked up the bowl.  I then set the bowl on my Shrine next to the mug of water.  I put my left hand over the mug and my right hand in the soil.  That worked a little better, though I couldn’t feel either Power as strongly as I normally do.  I am inclined to think it was the fact that I was sitting up in a chair, instead of kneeling with my legs folded under me.  This allowed the energy to spread more evenly throughout my body, instead of all of it concentrating in my upper body.

I said some words to Lady Freya and offered her cinnamon.

When I took an Omen, the question I asked was a bit different than normal, but I can’t exactly remember what the wording was.  Therefore, I will post my usual question, which is what the gist of the question I asked today was anyway.

Kindreds, what blessings do you have for me today?

Gebo–reciprocity, balance

Mannaz–humans in general, mortality, things that are hopeless to struggle against

Uruz–manly strength if you are up to the challenge presented, that which is undesirable

A question that was floating around in my head while I was making my offering to Freya was, “Does She even like the cinnamon that I keep offering to Her?  I feel like I don’t really know,” and I was hoping She would let me know somehow.  When I pulled Gebo, I smiled because that was my Lady’s way of telling me she likes it.  Mannaz and Uruz don’t seem to bode well.  I feel like I these runes relate to my job interview yesterday, which is something that has been on my mind.  Mannaz seems to be saying that there is really no way I can convince the company to hire me, while Uruz says that I will be given strength to overcome the challenge of getting a job.  However, something tells me these interpretations aren’t quite right, so I will have to wait and see what happens.


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