Have a blessed High Day/Sabbat!

Today my fiance and I are performing our rite for Imbolc, or the Charming of the Plough as it was known among the Norse people.  To me, this holiday is a time for staying by the hearth with family and friends to keep warm during the last snows of winter.  Imbolc is also a time of anticipation for the warmer weather that comes in spring.

To the Norse, the Charming of the Plough is a time to bless seeds and tools for planting to ensure fertility of the seeds and crops.

We are celebrating with the liturgy from the Solitary Druid Fellowship for the February Cross-Quarter that we have adapted for use with two people (instead of just one).  We’ve also customized it for our personal observance by including prayers to Frigga, Goddess of the hearth, and Gerd, the personification of the soil.

Later today, I will report on how the ritual went!

May all of you be refreshed and renewed by the passing of another High Day!



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