Snow covered the Land when I rose today to perform my morning devotional rite.  It has been snowing a fair amount lately.

The Two Powers exercise went well.  I could feel the Powers stretching down to my legs and also up my spine.  I’m still having trouble seeing myself as the center of those Powers, but I think I will start working with visualization next week to actually feel the Sky Power from above and the Earth Power from below.  In other words, this week is the last week I will use the physical cues of the steaming water and soil.

I praised Freya with a prayer I wrote a few days ago, and offered Her cinnamon as usual.

Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Sowilo–things that are right in the world, cycles, warmth and joy in the days to come

Fehu–wealth (but it shouldn’t be hoarded), give of what you have to take part in cosmos’ reciprocity

Thurisaz–look before you sit, brute strength, using opponent’s strength against him

When I saw Sowilo and Fehu, I thought of the possibility of finally getting a job, which would be joyful and give me wealth.  Once I obtain the wealth, though, I shouldn’t become miserly and be afraid to spend it (as my family thinks I should).  Thurisaz is cautionary, but I’m not sure why.

To finish my ritual this morning, I lit a white sage smudge stick from the Fire and smudged the room.  I did this simply because I felt like it, and I love the scent of white sage.


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