Snow still covers the front yard, though some of it is melting in the back.

I have most of the devotional prayer memorized.  I only had to glance at my Kindle a few times to remember the words.

Nothing remarkable about the Two Powers today.  I could feel the Powers up and down my body, which is a good thing.

Offered Freya cinnamon as usual, with the same prayer as yesterday.

Kindreds, what blessings do you offer me today?

Fehu–wealth (but be cautious about hoarding it), give of what you have to take part in cosmos’ reciprocity

Thurisaz–look before you sit,  brute strength, use opponent’s strength against them

Kenaz–in most circumstances not positive, but can be torch that extends fellowship and offers warmth

Honestly, I’m not sure how the runes apply to life right now.  I’m not sure I really want to think about it today, since I have other things I need to work on.

All in all, a blah start to the day.


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