Unfortunately I got up (extremely) late this morning.  However, it wasn’t all bad.

Since I had things to start, I simply recited my prayer for Freya and burnt the end of a cinnamon stick in Her honor.  I then went downstairs, made some coffee and put half-and-half in it (like I normally do), and offered some coffee to the Kindreds, like so:

Hail to the Nature Spirits! (pour coffee)

Hail to the Shining Ones! (pour coffee)

Hail to the Ancestors! (pour coffee)

I then took a sip myself to show communion.  I decided I actually liked this simpler way of worshiping my Lady Freya and the Kindreds.  It is also easier to perform in my living situation, as it doesn’t take as long as the SDF devotional (so it’s more “covert”).

I noticed that the snow is almost all gone, and I heard birds chirping when I went outside to make my offering.  The retention pond behind the backyard is still frozen over.

Not a bad start to the day!


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