C – Courage (continued)


What is Courage?  Courage is the ability to overcome hardship when the costs (actual or probable) of overcoming this hardship are actually greater than if things remained as they are.  In my case, which I briefly talked about last week, I had the courage to “come out of the broom closet” despite the likely reaction I would get from my parents, which could have ranged from simple ignorance to being disowned.

Think about that for a second:  If I came out I might be disowned by my parents.  Since I was living with them at the time, and getting most of my money from them for food on campus and other necessities, the cost of coming out could have been very great indeed.  By hiding my faith, I wouldn’t have to deal with questions about it, plus I would continue receiving the money I needed to survive.

I chose to came out anyway.  My faith wasn’t taken quite as badly as I thought it might, but since it was near Christmas, there were some things that didn’t go so well.  I got a lot of snarky comments from my mother.  For example, she asked me if I didn’t want gifts since I don’t celebrate Christmas.  I told her that Pagans celebrate the Winter Solstice and call it Yule.  There were other comments, but I can’t remember them all.

I was aware of the possibility this would happen, and yet I came out anyway.  That takes Courage.

Cat also begins with C, so here’s a picture of my cat Frieda (I didn’t name her; she came with that name)!



2 thoughts on “C – Courage (continued)

  1. Good for you!! I’m working up the courage to do this right now. My mother was raised Baptist, and is the daughter of a minister, so I’m guessing she won’t take it well. I think it’s worth it to be honest and true to one’s self through.

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