A crisp evening

Today I decided to make some contacts with my local Nature Spirits.  As soon as I went out in the backyard, I noticed a pair of ducks in the retention pond behind the fence–one male and one female.  I watched them for a while and wondered if these were the same ducks that resided in the pond in years past.  If they are the same, perhaps they are attracted to the energy generated during rites for my Nature Spirits offerings.  In any case, they are beautiful.

I am making offerings of lavender blossoms to each individual tree and bush on the property.  I also plan to offer some to the Spirits of the irises out front, as well as remove the dead material from the plot.

One of the rosebushes in the backyard looks to be blooming already.  I said something aloud like, “Do you trees know something we don’t know since you are all budding and blooming already?”  I think that perhaps they do.

I’m not sure why, but when I touched the tulip tree in the back, I got the sense that it “felt like an old friend.”  Perhaps this is the tree itself communicating with me.

After warming up for a bit inside, I went out to the front yard.  I offered some lavender to the Bradford pear that is unfortunately filled with concrete.  The wind in a storm knocked half of it over.  My dad asked around and found out that he “should” fill the hole with concrete so it wouldn’t rot.  The tree is said to grow back eventually, but I have my doubts.  If it were up to me, I would have forgone appearances and let it rot so it could die in peace, instead of being forced to live on life support, as it were.  When I touched the poor tree, a sense of anxiety came over me.  Perhaps the tree was telling me that the concrete made it nervous too.

I spent a long time in the bed of irises near the front door.  I pulled out all the dead material and leaves keeping the soil super wet, which could kill the irises (too much water).  I considered the hard work I did out in the chill an offering to the spirits of the irises, but when I was finished removing the dead material, I sprinkled an offering of lavender among the leaves.  They will be so beautiful when they bloom again!

All in all, I feel my attempts to connect with the local Nature Spirits were successful!

Blessings, Victoria


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