Making offerings to the Nature Spirits

Today, I again offered to the notable Nature Spirits on my property (really my parents’ property, since I live with them).  I first went outside to offer some milk to the Bradford pear and the irises, but I had to wait for the kids getting off the school bus to get inside.  I didn’t want them freaking their parents out by commenting on seeing me!  (It’s a sad world when a Pagan can’t be open about her faith.)

I offered to the Bradford pear first.  Then I placed my hand on it.  It felt stronger today.  I think it appreciates my offerings and my kindness.  Then I offered to the irises and contemplated their beautiful green leaves.  There aren’t buds on them yet, but shortly after spring arrives, I’m sure buds will appear!  I took a sip of the milk to show communion with the tree and flowers.

When I went out into the back, the duck couple was in the pond again!  They look to be content in our little retention pond.  At one point while I was outside, I saw them ducking their heads into the water.  Either they were washing their heads, or looking for food.  I wasn’t aware there were even any fish in that pond, but perhaps there are since ducks are living in it!  I said, “For the ducks,” and poured out some milk for them at the edge of the fence.  I’m not sure it’s a great idea to throw bread pieces out for them because then they will be dependent on me for food.

I offered to each rosebush and placed my hand on them.  They seemed strong and healthy.  Last, I offered some milk to the budding tulip tree, and placed a hand on it.  I could definitely feel its energy in my arm!  It is healthy, and that makes me happy.  I took a sip of milk myself before heading in to show communion with these Spirits.

Even though it’s still a bit chilly, it is wonderful to be able to get out and connect with the little bits of Nature around my home.


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