A note on “visionary Paganism”

I don’t have a huge following, but I know sometimes people come across my blog while looking for more information on Druidry and Paganism as a practice they are interested in.  This post is for those looking to find their Path but have become discouraged because they haven’t been able to enter a trance state or had visions of some Deity.

To be honest, I haven’t done these things either, yet I’m almost done with the basic training of ADF.

Paganism and Druidry aren’t just about having ecstatic visionary experiences while in trance.  There are many, many more aspects to these Paths, like simply experiencing ritual and cultivating a regular (not necessarily daily) practice of some sort.

When I first started ADF, everyone was talking about Patrons and I felt like I wasn’t a good enough Pagan since I had been practicing for a while and hadn’t found one yet.  Occasionally I get into conversations in chats about trance journeying, and I feel left out because I end up spectating instead of talking.

I don’t know much about trance, and I’ve never had a vision of Freyja, my Lady.  She doesn’t come to me in dreams or appear before me during ritual.  Yet I know She is listening.  (That is where faith comes in to Paganism.)  I simply trust She is guiding and protecting me based on my prayers and offerings.

I guess I’m just trying to tell everyone that you’re not a bad Pagan if you can’t seem to meditate for 30 minutes every day or don’t understand what the Deities are telling you.  I definitely don’t meditate for 30 minutes every day; it’s more like 2 minutes for a quick grounding. (This grounding is done by simply feeling; there is no long, drawn-out visualization because I am too impatient for that.)  Often I don’t understand what Deities (or Ancestors and Nature Spirits) are telling me immediately, but They persist until I do (fortunately)!

If you get discouraged, remember that you don’t have to know how to do everything at this stage.  We all learn at our own individual pace.  If Paganism is something that is truly for you, you will learn your own ways of keeping a regular practice and communing with the Deities.  Learning these things will take time.

Many blessings, Victoria


3 thoughts on “A note on “visionary Paganism”

  1. I think this is especially important to remember in a path like ADF (or some of the other traditions with members who have been practicing the same way for 10+ years). We see a lot of people who are very well established, and they’re frequently the most vocal members of groups and discussion lists. I have to remind myself that there are some things I’m good at, and some things I’m working on, and it really doesn’t matter where other internet people are beyond what I can learn from their prior experience.

    • Indeed. I am trying to be more vocal on the lists about my experiences, which obviously are not those of someone who has a well-established practice. I feel like it is my job to be an advocate for those who may be new to Paganism within ADF, as no one else has filled that role. If I am elected for the position of Members’ Advocate, I will be able to more fully represent the whole of ADF’s membership because of my personal experience.

      Victoria 🙂

  2. Like you said, these things take time. Lots of time, often… Druidism is a path of learning and growing. It never stops. Pretty soon we’ll be the old hats!

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