E – Enchantment


As many of you know, I am a Druid.  I strive to be in touch with Nature and the beings of the Otherworld, which describes a lot of Pagans.  However, something that I find lacking within my own personal Path is enchantment.

What is enchantment?  For me, enchantment is a worldview that is whimsical and magical.  An enchanted world is one in which faeries roam, causing whimsy and playful mischief to remind us humans to not take everything so seriously.  An enchanted world is also full of wonder and magic.

I have found that my practice, as well as that of others, seems to be very serious and rigid.  I am trying to figure out how I may incorporate more laughter and fun (and a more organic structure) into my rituals.

Enchantment is what brought me to Paganism in the first place.  I read about it in Starhawk’s Spiral Dance and Margot Adler’s Drawing Down the Moon (which I am currently in the process of finishing).  The sense of whimsy combined with organic experiences sounds amazing and like something of which I would like to be a part.

If I may ask, do you consider your practice enchanted?  Why or why not?


8 thoughts on “E – Enchantment

  1. I had *just* been thinking on this subject! My practice has been so scholarly, so grounded in books and facts and technicalities, I seem to have lost the enchantment that drew me to Druidry. But I think with my recent shift in thinking that enchantment and magic are finding their way back to me 😉

    • Thank you! You should see the next couple posts, titled “An unconventional form of divination” and “A whimsical Spring Equinox ritual.” These new methods I am working with are sure to inject some whimsy! 🙂

      Blessings, Victoria

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