A whimsical Spring Equinox ritual

Continuing with my theme of whimsy and enchantment, here is an outline for the Spring Equinox ritual my fiance and I will perform sometime in the next couple weeks.  We will not use these words exactly; they are simply to help set the tone for the ritual.  We will speak from the heart.


  1. Start the ritual!
  2. Make everything clean and shiny!  Don’t forget to ground!
  3. Love the Earth Mother!
  4. Why are we doing this?
  5. Make the center of the ritual with Fire, Well, and Tree!
  6. Hemdall, let us in!  (offer mead)
  7. Love the Ancestors! (offer hot chocolate & ring bell wildly)
  8. Love the Nature Spirits! (offer jellybeans & blow bubbles)
  9. Love the Shining Ones! (offer mead & ring bell wildly)
  10. Love Idunna, the Rejuvenating One! (offer Reese’s egg)
  11. Love Freyja with praise, since She is my Patron!
  12. Make final offering of mead!
  13. What blessings are offered? (take Omen with cards)
  14. Please give us Your blessings!
  15. Behold the Waters of Life!
  16. We accept the blessings! (drink Waters; for me they will be mead)
  17. Time for magic, if there is any!
  18. Thanks Shining Ones!
  19. Thanks Nature Spirits!
  20. Thanks Ancestors!
  21. Heimdall, shut the door behind us as we leave!
  22. Thanks Earth Mother!
  23. The ritual is over!

I am excited to try this new spin on ritual.  It will inject some much needed fun into my Druidry and make it seem much less like work.  I am a little nervous to see what the Kindreds will think (especially Idunna and Freyja), but hopefully They will have a sense of humor.

Some people may scoff at this outline and state that this can’t possibly work as a “real” ritual.  I say to these people, “Don’t confuse humor for insincerity.”  I see humor as a way to relax and allow my true self to come through, which is goofy and silly.  If that is not sincere, then I don’t know what is.  I think the Kindreds will appreciate me feeling relaxed around Them.

Blessings, Victoria



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