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Today, the time that Sunna (the Norse Sun Goddess) and Máni (the Norse Moon God) spend in the time is equal.  They are in balance.  Personally, though, I find that since Sunna’s light is growing stronger each day, the focus is on new life and new beginnings.

I will officially celebrate with ritual tomorrow.  Idunna will be honored.  Idunna is the wife of Bragi, God of Poetry.  Idunna herself “guard[s] the apples of immortality which kept the gods for ever [sic] young” (Ellis Davidson 164).

I see Spring Equinox as the time when Idunna allows the Earth Mother (Nerthus in Norse tradition) to have one of her apples of immortality and again become young.  I will honor Idunna for her apples.

If you’re curious about the ritual I will perform, I posted it already here.

Have a blessed Spring Equinox, however you may celebrate!


Work Cited

Ellis Davidson, H. R.  Gods and Myths of Northern Europe.  London:  Penguin Books, 1964.  Kindle edition.


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