A whimsical Spring Equinox ritual (reflection)

The ritual outline I used can be found here.

Before the ritual, my fiance and I goofed around a little bit to get in the mood for the ritual.  We started the ritual with some very simple words welcoming the Kindreds.  (We didn’t record the ritual, so I have no idea what exact words were said.)

For purification (step 2 of the outline), we burned some lavender blossoms and smudged each other.  When we honored the Earth Mother, we both said some words thanking her for sustaining us and providing us space to live our lives.

Step 4 consisted of just stating why we were performing the ritual:  to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  We also took care to mention that we were honoring Idunna and that Heimdall would open the Gates for us.

We offered a frankincense cone to our “fire pot,” which consisted of a lit charcoal disk and candle stubs that were lit.  The stubs and charcoal created a nice big flame.  We offered a dime to the Well, and sprinkled and censed the Tree (pinecone on top of a pillar candle holder).  “Cense” actually isn’t the right word here.  We couldn’t get the smoke from the Fire fanned over the tree, so my fiance picked up the pinecone and waved it around in the smoke.

Once the Center of Fire, Well, and Tree had been established, I asked Heimdall to join us and help us open the Gates.  I poured some mead into the offering bowl.  My fiance then opened the Gates.  He also called to the Ancestors immediately after with an offering of hot chocolate (to the offering bowl) and the ringing of a bell.

Next I called to the Nature Spirits to join the ritual.  I dipped my fingers in the bowl of dish soap mixed with water and flung some suds into the air.  Their offering was a handful of Starburst jellybeans into the bowl.

I also invoked the Shining Ones, but I forgot to ring the bell.  I poured a bit of the mead into the bowl at first, then my fiance realized we should pour it in the Fire.  He did so, making the flames turn reddish-orange and grow larger for a few moments before fizzling out completely.  The next couple minutes were spent trying to get the fire going again, which we managed to do.

I also invoked Idunna, the Norse Goddess of Rejuvenation.  I thanked her for allowing the Earth Mother to have one of her apples of youth so spring could return.  We offered her a Reese’s egg that we had cut into pieces before the ritual.  We put this and all subsequent offerings into the bowl so the Fire wouldn’t go out again!

Finally, I thanked Freyja for being my Patron and thus offering guidance and strength.  I offered a bit of mead to her as well.

We took the Omens using cards from the game Magic:  The Gathering.  My fiance grabbed a stack, shuffled them a bit, then fanned them out and asked me to pick a card.  I did so, then he drew a card himself.  We repeated this two more times for a total of six cards.  The cards themselves and our interpretation of the Omen will be in a subsequent post to avoid making this one terribly long.

We asked to be given the blessings of the Omen into our cups full of milk.  I consecrated them and then we drank.  We thanked the Kindreds in the order we had invited them, though I now realize I forgot to thank Idunna.

I closed the gates and thanked Heimdall, and my fiance thanked the Earth Mother.  We ended with a simple statement like, “The rite is over!”

Overall we had a lot of fun.  I did think that the fire going out might have been a bad sign.  Looking back, it is possible that it was, as you’ll see with the next post.  I enjoyed trying something different and light-hearted.


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