F – Fertility (continued)


After some Internet problems last week, I am finally posting my continuation of the discussion of Fertility from the previous week!

Fertility is especially important around the Spring Equinox, which we just celebrated! Signs of the Earth Mother’s fertility are everywhere.  Just look at the daffodils and crocuses blooming, the trees budding, and the fascination with eggs and rabbits this time of year.

Fertility is basically an ability to create.  This can be biological creation or imaginative creation.  When we create, though, it’s important to remember that something else dies so the creation can be realized.  If we sculpt something out of a block of clay, we will create a sculpture.  However, we no longer have the block of clay.  If we write something on paper, the blank page must “die” so that we can have a page with writing on it.  In terms of (human) biological creation, the individual unfertilized egg dies (as does the sperm) to result in a fertilized egg!

Just some food for thought.  🙂


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