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The Gods and Goddesses are the second of ADF’s Three Kindred that I will write about.  (For the first Kindred, the Ancestors, click here.)

The Gods and Goddesses are not omniscient (all-knowing) or omnipotent (all-powerful).  If they did know everything, then there would be no need to pray to them since they would already know what we wanted!  If they could do anything, then it would make no sense to have different deities in charge of different aspects of life.  For example, my Lady Freyja is in charge of sex, beauty, fertility, war, and death.  Her brother Freyr also holds sway over fertility, in addition to marriage and childbirth (according to H. R. Ellis Davidson’s Gods and Myths of Northern Europe [102]).  One would not prey to Freyr for something in Freyja’s domain.  I don’t feel the Gods and Goddesses exist everywhere at all times either.  If they did, it would make no sense to call them to ritual, then bid them farewell at its close.

Next week I will continue my exploration of the Gods and Goddesses.


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  1. […] Last week I began my discussion of the Gods and Goddesses with a short post about their nature, as I see it.  This week, I will write about my feelings towards some of the Norse Deities. […]

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