Reflections on tarot

I’ve been working with the tarot for the past week in an effort to develop my divination skills and because I’ve become interested in it–for the umpteenth time.  🙂  However, I feel like I’m understanding it a bit better this time around.

I use the Gilded Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti (you can see the deck here), which came with the Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw in a boxed set.  Some of the cards are easy to read simply by looking at the picture, while others I must look up in the book.

I’ve been finding that I’m a bit better at understanding tarot than I give myself credit for.  Sometimes I find that a card’s “meaning” is quite literal.  For instance, when I did a reading to find out more about Lady Freyja, I drew The Chariot for “what do you love.”  The true meaning of this card is “triumph, but not without effort” (Ellershaw 121).  However, Freyja does have a chariot, pulled by two cats, and so the idea that Lady Freyja simply loves her chariot and cats is what I felt to be the card’s “meaning.”

Other times, the card simply refers to events during the day.  Yesterday I drew The Fool as part of a daily reading.  It means “unexpected opportunity.”  The opportunity in this case was my fiance getting in the shower so I could go outside to make my tea offering (see yesterday’s post).  It was nothing grand, really.

I’ve learned a lot about tarot in just this past week!  I look forward to continuing it for a full month to see what I’ve learned.  I will decide whether to continue my studies at that point in time.

Blessings, Victoria

Work Cited

Ellershaw, Josephine.  Easy Tarot Handbook.  Woodbury, MN:  Llewellyn Publications, 2007.  Print.


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