G – Gods and Goddesses (continued)


Last week I began my discussion of the Gods and Goddesses with a short post about their nature, as I see it.  This week, I will write about my feelings towards some of the Norse Deities.

I’ll begin with Freyja, the Lady of the Vanir (the fertility deities).  I definitely relate more to Freyja as the one who ensures the fertility of the soil rather than in her roles of war-maiden and chooser of the slain.  I think this is because the soil’s fertility is easy for me to see around me.  I live in Indiana, USA, where fields of ripe corn and soybeans are a common sight in the summer.  The soil’s fertility means a great deal to the many farmers in this state.  If I was in the military, however, I would perhaps see more of Freyja’s “darker” sides since I would be in direct contact with war and death.  I relate to Freyr in a similar role.  He brings the light rains that nourish the fields.

The Goddess Sunna is the Sun herself.  I relate to Sunna as a giver of light and warmth, in addition to assisting with fertility.  I personally love to go outside on a sunny day (preferably warm, of course!) and feel her rays on my skin.  I also take note of her light and warmth waxing and waning throughout the year.  I was a college student for many years, so the amount of sunlight and the temperature outside could affect my day profusely.  I was never much of a “night owl,” so I don’t feel much connection to Mani, the moon and Sunna’s brother.

Thor is one of the Aesir (the sky deities).  I see him mostly as a protector with giant’s strength and a big hammer.  🙂  I also relate to him as God of Storms, since Indiana is known for devastating tornadoes that evolve out of strong storms.  I don’t think Thor is punishing anyone with these storms–he is simply tearing down the old to make way for the new.

Odin and Frigga I don’t really connect with much.  I tend to see Odin associated with death most of the time (especially death in battle).  No one in my family is in danger of death, outside of random chance.  Frigga is the Lady of the hearth, where food is prepared and everyone gathers.  I don’t cook much (unless you count the microwave), and I don’t really “hang out” with everyone in the family much since I’m not that social.  Other Deities, such as Loki and Hel, I am ambivalent toward.  I understand their necessity, but I choose not to work with them.


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