Another divination experiment

After reading some blog posts about how other people were frustrated with traditional divination systems, like tarot and runes, and came up with their own, I have decided to do the same.  You heard right–someone who still feels very inexperienced with divination is attempting to create her own divination system.  I am doing this in an effort to better connect with divination and my intuition.

This system will consist of a set of symbols–ones that I resonate with–made out of cut-up index cards that will be cast onto a cloth.  I will paint the cloth with a triskele and symbols of the Fire, Well, and Tree, with lines dividing the three sections.  It will look similar to this:casting cloth design

The meaning of each symbol will change depending on where it falls and what symbols are around it.  For example, if the Druid sigil (representing spirituality) fell on the Tree, then I would need to focus on the more natural aspect of Druidry.  If the same symbol fell into the area of the Fire, then I perhaps need to work on my relationships with the Gods and Goddesses.  If the sigil lands in the Well portion, then I should be connecting to the Ancestors.

Or maybe the dollar sign (fianances) and the envelope (messages, communication) land one on top of the other in the Well area.  This could indicate that I will receive notice of an inheritance.

I am in the process of drawing my symbols.  When I get those done, I will post them!  If anyone has questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Many blessings, Victoria


8 thoughts on “Another divination experiment

  1. I think creating your own divination system is a really good idea. I’ve tried a variety of divination systems with varying outcomes, recently I’ve started working on my own with very good results.

    • Interestingly, MJD seems to be discussing what to do when you already know the symbols and wish to go beyond that.

      In my case, I just can’t seem to learn the symbols (despite trying for many years in some cases), so I’m creating a system that uses symbols that I already associate with certain concepts, like a die for chance and a book for knowledge.

      I’m hoping to jump-start my divination practice, since the one I have doesn’t “click.”

  2. Really love this idea. I’ve been trying to work out a way to design a casting cloth for my runes. I’d love to adapt this idea, if I get time at some point – and if you don’t mind!

    • In Edred Thorsson’s book Runecaster’s Handbook, he has a casting cloth for runes that involves each of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, if you’re interested.

      “I am not one to be feared; I am not one to be hated. I am simply one that asks for tolerance and understanding.” ~ Victoria M. Laughlin, 2/6/2013

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