Another divination experiment, part 2

Today I completed my symbol cards that I will be throwing onto my casting cloth, a prototype of which I posted yesterday.  I have a total of 19 symbols, which is not fixed in case I need to add more.


Red cross/plus sign:  healing, first aid

Open book:  academic knowledge, studying

Green plant emerging from soil:  fertility

Red heart with flames:  lust, sensuality, physical love

Die:  chance, gaming, gambling

Silver key:  new home, solution to a problem

Hammer:  strength, protection

Purple pentagram:  magic

Smiley face:  happiness, cheer

Lock:  security, stability, possibly treasure

Pink heart:  romantic love, friendship

Dollar sign:  wealth, finances

Crescent moon:  intuition, emotions

Druid sigil:  spirituality, pertaining to either ADF or Druidry

Envelope:  message, communication

Crystal ball:  divination

Sun:  new beginnings, hope, warmth

Grey cloud with raindrops:  depression, sadness, feeling blue

Shooting stars:  wishes, dreams

As you can see, the symbols themselves are very simple, yet they are meaningful to me.  The meanings aren’t overly complicated either, as I have found to be the case with tarot.  I plan to get the casting cloth made later this week!

Many blessings, Victoria


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