Opportunity lost, knowledge gained

I lost the election for ADF Members’ Advocate.  I’m not really surprised.  People perceive me as arrogant and selfish, though I’ve explained that I am not that way intentionally.  Somehow I managed to get 14% of the votes, which was somewhere around 300 votes (each member gets multiple votes).  I’ve never gotten that many votes for anything in my life.  I ended up in third place, behind the other two candidates, but ahead of random write-in votes.

This is an opportunity that I have lost to serve ADF and the Mother Grove.  Despite this, I have learned a lot about myself and online forums.  I learned that I should just keep my mouth shut most of the time.  You hardly ever see the person on who won the position for which I ran.  I learned that not everyone is ready for a leader who speaks her mind online (the capacity in which I am known).

Though I lost, I wanted to show people that I’m not a sore loser and congratulated the winners through mailing lists and Facebook.  I thanked the people who voted for me and ADF for giving me the opportunity.  I ended my message by stating, “May we all help make Isaac’s Vision a reality.”

My loss also means that I can mentor people currently working on the Dedicant’s Path, since I won’t be overwhelmed with a Mother Grove position while trying to learn how to mentor.  I hope to begin learning how to mentor soon.

May you all be blessed, Victoria


4 thoughts on “Opportunity lost, knowledge gained

  1. It is good to look at the positives in a situation, even when it’s difficult to do so. I also look forward to other things you can do in ADF, such as the feasting sig! I hope that comes to fruition soon!

    • Thanks Grey, I think it will be approved soon now that elections are over. I’ve decided that I will continue to share my opinion, but modify it some and use extra smileys so people know that I’m not trying to be mean. 🙂 <–Like I just did…wow.

      "I am not one to be feared; I am not one to be hated. I am simply one that asks for tolerance and understanding." ~ Victoria M. Laughlin, 2/6/2013

      • Keeping one’s mouth shut is rarely the answer, I’m not a fan of feeling like you have to bite your tongue. What may be worth considering is what your(or anyone’s) words mean, and how they are perceived in the context. There seems to be a major issue on the internet(and outside of it also), when people do not realize that words have meaning that does not always match up with the intent of the writer. Intentional meaning and unintentional meaning are the responsibility of the author to an extent, even if it is just to say in the cause of the latter that it was unintentional. When all there is to go on is text, the meaning matters all the more.
        Whilst I can’t speak for everyone, I enjoy reading what you have to say as it does give a different perspective regardless of if I agree or not(you don’t have to agree to find value).
        Just don’t let a bad experience get you down, the reasons for people voting how they did are their own.

      • Thank you Savveir, your comment means a lot. 🙂

        “I am not one to be feared; I am not one to be hated. I am simply one that asks for tolerance and understanding.” ~ Victoria M. Laughlin, 2/6/2013

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