H – Hospitality

Hospitality is the third of ADF’s Nine Virtues that I will discuss.  ADF defines Hospitality as: “Acting as both gracious host and appreciative guest, involving benevolence, friendliness, humor, and the honoring of a gift for a gift.”

Notice that this definition isn’t just about the host welcoming guests.  Guests have a duty to uphold their end of the bargain:  appreciating what the host has offered.  A guest shouldn’t be rude to the host because they didn’t like something that was painstakingly put together–the guest should show appreciation and gratitude that something special was done just for them.

There’s also this part about “honoring a gift for a gift.”  What is that all about?  Well, let’s say a friend takes you out for dinner on your birthday.  That is your friend’s gift to you.  Now you have an obligation to take your friend out for dinner on their birthday; though it’s later in the year, you’re still “paying back” your friend for dinner on your own birthday.  ADF calls this *ghosti, which comes from Proto-Indo-European.

Next week, I’ll delve more deeply into how ADF’s idea of Hospitality applies to the Three Kindreds–Nature Spirits, Ancestors, and Deities.


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