A much needed apology

Some of you may have seen my recent post titled “Why must Pagans conform?”  I am sorry if I offended or angered anyone.  I have since taken the post down as I figured it did not really inspire anyone.  I had been stressed and frustrated with other online communications, so I took it out on my blog readers.  At the very least, I should have made the post private.  In any case, it has been deleted.

Always treasure the gift of hindsight!

Many blessings, Victoria


One thought on “A much needed apology

  1. There is no shame in having strong opinions about your religion. Back when I was studying Wicca, I wrote a post about how I disliked the idea of “Christo-Pagans.” Well, a post is an understatement – it was a 5,000 word rant/essay dredging up 2,000 years of history. Some agreed, but many people were ridiculously upset by it. It was just an opinion, as were the ones you shared in the above mentioned post. I’ve always believed that if you don’t have strong feelings about your religion, then you’ve picked the wrong religion.

    I’m working on my judgmental side, but I admit that every time someone says “Oh, I’m a Witch, too! I just LOVED Harry Potter. I wish I could go to Hogworts” a little part of me dies. The rest of me tends to just walk away.


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