An update on my divination system

I had made a casting cloth out of purple fabric and pink fabric paint, but it looked terrible.  I would have been embarrassed to post it.  🙂  Yesterday I made a stencil of the triskele out of some heavy sketch paper.  I am waiting on paint pens to use with the stencil on the cloth.

I also redid the symbol cards, since the ones I had posted were coated with smelly industrial-strength marker on the back that literally made me sick to smell.  I redid the cards with Crayola markers, which are obviously non-toxic and safe for kids!

I hope to finish the cloth Friday.


3 thoughts on “An update on my divination system

  1. Yay for non-toxic and safe for kids!

    Good luck with your second casting cloth. The effort you put into your own tools will surely be worth it. You’ve inspired me to think about making my own casting cloth. I mostly use my Druid Animal Oracle, but it feels like having a special cloth to do it on would be very symbolic and appropriate. I’m a big fan of the “mental key” concept in ritual.

    • “Mental key” concept? What is that?

      Also the casting cloth will use paint pens, which probably are toxic. I had to use some Sharpies on the symbol cards also, so they aren’t completely non-toxic I think…not sure.

      • Well, honestly, a lot of the fabric I use has been dyed with non-so-nice things. We do what we can, when we can, as we can. 🙂

        Mental keys are things that help cue your mind that it’s time for magic or ritual. Things like ritual garb, tools, statues can all act as mental keys. 🙂

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