H – Hospitality (continued)


Last week, I talked a little bit about Hospitality and how it applies to our relationships with other humans.  Hospitality isn’t just a Virtue for human interaction, though.  It plays a big part in our interactions with Deities, Nature Spirits, and Ancestors.

In an ADF ritual, offerings–gifts–are made to these beings in the hope of receiving blessings–the Kindreds’ gift to us–in return.  We do not offer to the Kindreds in the hopes of averting punishment and ensuring only “good” things happen to us.  We offer to them to show we appreciate their guidance, their strength, their beauty, and their power.  In return, the Kindreds’ give us gifts of their own, like strength, wisdom, comfort, and even challenges that allow us to better ourselves.

(I apologize for this being so short; my brain isn’t functioning very well today.)


One thought on “H – Hospitality (continued)

  1. In a Hindu puja, you do what you would do in that culture for a guest to your home: offer them the chance to freshen up when they arrive, make sure they have a place to sit, offer a beverage and some food. Smile. I really like the idea and have thought about it a lot in terms of, “If a very important/beloved guest were coming over, what would I do to prepare/welcome them?” Because really, we are in fact inviting someone important into our homes.

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