A message from the Kindreds

After saying a short prayer of thanks to Freyja and Sunna for their guidance and comfort, I did a divination with my new set.  I asked, “Freyja and Sunna, what guidance do you give me at this time?”  As I was shuffling the cards before casting them, the pink heart fell out onto the Fire section of the cloth.  I took this to mean that Freya and Sunna still care about me and offer their love.  After putting the pink heart back into the stack and shuffling some more, three cards fell out onto the Well section.  Two were facedown.  The one face-up was the shooting star, meaning wishes.  Since the Well belongs to the Ancestors, I at first thought “ancestral wishes,” but that made no sense.  Now I realize that maybe wishes to do with wisdom are being fulfilled, since the Well also represents Wisdom to me.

After putting those cards back and shuffling a little more, I put the stack in their little bag and pulled a smaller stack out at random.  Then I cast.


The small plant emerging from the soil represents fertility.  It landed in the Tree section, which represents Nature Spirits and the Land on which we live.  So, be aware of the fertility around my home.  That is simple and straightforward enough, especially with Beltane around the corner.

The face-up cards in the Well area are the moon and pentagram, which represent intuition and magic respectively.  I find the appearance of the pentagram in this casting interesting, since I have recently joined a magical order.  Its position on the cloth probably means that it is somehow connected with my Ancestors.  Perhaps some of my Ancestors themselves were members, or perhaps the people who have traversed the same magical path before me will become my spiritual Ancestors.  The moon landed in a position where it appears as if it is waxing.  I see this saying that my intuitive abilities will increase, perhaps as a result of magic since it almost seems to point towards the pentagram.

In short, the message I am getting from this casting is this:  Pay attention to the fertility of the Land around you.  As you continue your magical studies, your intuition will increase.

I know it’s rather disjointed, which does bother me some.  If anyone has any ideas about reconciling everything into one statement, please let me know!

Blessings, Victoria


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