A picnic for one

Today I decided to go out in the backyard and have my own little picnic.  I made a turkey and provolone sandwich and some iced green tea.  I also had some cottage cheese.  I spread a blanket outside on the grass and sat down to eat.

As I ate, I watched Mama Goose groom and tend to her nest as she sat on it.  She got up once and seemed to be nudging the eggs, perhaps to tell her babies, “Hey, you can come out anytime now!”  I also saw another goose, possibly Papa, land in the pond.  He swam around and dipped his head in the water for bits of food.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one eating lunch.

I heard all kinds of birds around me; I don’t really know what any of them were unfortunately.  Some were in other people’s yards, others were in nearby trees.  They provided a lovely soundtrack to my meal.

After I finished eating, I poured out some of my tea as offerings to the lovely Sunna and Freyja,  my Ladies.  I also poured out a bit of mead for each of them that I had brought outside with me.

As I sat in Nature, I noticed how calm I was.  It was a wonderful feeling to be outside in 70-degree weather listening to birds and enjoying food that itself came from Nature (though sadly it wasn’t organic).

I had forgotten the simple pleasure that an outdoor picnic can bring.

Many blessings, Victoria


3 thoughts on “A picnic for one

  1. Sounds like a lovely moment. Simply sitting out in nature and watching the local creatures going about their lives can be such a relaxing and peaceful practice. I’m enjoying the fact that the weather has got warm enough to sit outside again!

  2. Such a lovely and poignant offering in nature – I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Freya/Freyja recently, so hearing new ways of having her as part of my daily life is a pleasure =)

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