Meditation Experience, 8/4 – 8/10

Didn’t meditate every day due to various life circumstances.  Here’s what I did do.

Tuesday evening, 8/6:  First attempt at basic trance: started out with counted breaths. When I found myself thinking about the wedding or other things, I imagined the thought dissipating into wisps of smoke. Face wouldn’t relax, but rest of body did. Did a fairly good job of maintaining focus even though one of the dogs started barking and I coughed a couple times. A fit of coughing prompted me to sit up and end my session.

Wednesday evening:  8/7:  Meditated in afternoon before a nap. Counted breaths were smooth, and I didn’t really find my mind wandering much. Had a terrible headache though. Got the idea to imagine the pain dissipating into wispy smoke and I did feel some relief. Finally got some rest after a cup of chamomile tea.

Thursday evening, 8/8:  Felt self going into an altered state, though I didn’t “see” anything or feel anything else.  Just felt different.  Don’t have a detailed record of this meditation.

I’ve continued to try to meditate before I go to bed, though some nights are harder than others.  I have no idea where I am in my “meditation training program;” it might be a long time before I can move on.


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