Weekly Devotional, 10/21/2013

Today I got back into the habit of weekly devotionals.  The liturgy I used was the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s February Cross-Quarter liturgy (available here; scroll down to get to it), since that’s what I pulled out of my ritual bag.  I obviously modified it so that there wouldn’t be mention of any High Days and had a more “devotional” feel.

Here’s a list of offerings I gave to everyone:


Heimdall (Gatekeeper)–Oliver Winery’s sangria

Well–quarter dated 1989 (my husband’s birth year)

Fire–frankincense cone

Tree–sprinkle with water from Well and smudge with frankincense smoke

Ancestors–some “berry blend” loose leaf tea I found in my bag

Nature Spirits–lavender

Shining Ones–special Shining Ones blend incense from a fellow ADF member

Freyja & Sunna (my Patrons)–Oliver Winery’s sangria

Final Offering–also sangria

As I was setting up my shrine, I could feel myself entering an altered state.  I also get a sense of excitement when I’m about to begin ritual.  Throughout the rite, I felt very calm.  My voice seemed to resound in the Three Worlds as I did the first half of the liturgy.  I was confident and sure.

When making offerings to my Ladies, Freyja and Sunna, I apologized for not honoring them with weekly devotionals and asked they accepted my offering as both apology and praise.  I talked a bit about how each of them helps me get through tough times.

For the Omen, I asked three simple questions, one at a time.  After each question I pulled a card from the Vibrational Energy Oracle.

The questions I asked were:

Ancestors, what blessings do you have for me?

Nature Spirits, what blessings do you have for me?

Shining Ones, what blessings do you have for me?

Ancestors:  Dream Catchers, Nature Spirits:  Driving Force, Shining Ones:  Messenger
Vibrational Energy Oracle is copyright Debbie A. Anderson and Melissa Brewster, 2013. Photo taken by Victoria M. Laughlin-Casares, 2013.

The Ancestors gave me Dream Catchers.  This card I couldn’t figure out within ritual, so I am taking the time now to see what the deck’s author says.  “Without dreams, there is no future.”  That’s from page 31 of the booklet.  Perhaps the Ancestors are telling me to pay attention to my night dreams for I may receive clues about the future.  This phrase also seems to refer to the fact that every future starts out as a dream in someone’s mind.  I should go pursue those dreams.

The Nature Spirits gave me Driving Force.  To me, this means that they will compel me to do something.  Consulting the booklet tells me basically to be aware of my goals and to keep pushing towards them.

Finally, the Shining Ones give me Messenger.  This vaguely reminds me of my Hellenic days, when I honored Hermes as Gatekeeper.  Hermes is the Messenger of the Greeks.  Maybe Hermes is coming back into my life.  This card could also simply mean the Shining Ones are messengers of the Heavens and they will be sending me some important messages I need to watch for.

All in all, I feel like the Omen was pretty positive.  After taking it, I wrapped up the ritual and took the offerings outside, since my shrine is too small to have a fire pot in which I can burn them.

I feel so much better about myself and my practice after completing this ritual.  It is just what I needed.


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